Dirk Jan van den Berg



Galerie Het Cleijne Huys

The Hague - the Netherlands



It is an honor to be part of the exhibition with my friends form China, Feng Zongyun, Xie Dong, Zhuang Hongyi and Luluo, in Galerie Het Cleyne Huys in my home town The Hague. Apart from friendship, their sense of beauty and detail is striking and their dreams are clear too. They all search for opportunities and challenges in this life. They are bridge builders and thrive for change and progress in the most positive sense of the word.


Feng  Zongyun (chinese ink wash and brush) and Xie Dong (bone china)  both live and work in Beijing. They use traditional media in a contemporary way. Zhuang Honyi and Luluo (both painting and sculpture) are Chinese Dutch contemporary artists. Their works are influenced by their experiences in their two home countries that reflects both worlds they live in.

Bright dreams (2011)




XYZ Galeries




When 2,5 years living in China came to a close, it was a great opportunity to put some of my China work on display for our many Western and Chinese friends.


I took it as a great compliment that many Chinese enjoyed the exposition and showed sense of humor by appreciating some of the more ambiguous titles of my work.


Yesterday's paper (2007)



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