Dirk Jan van den Berg




My camera is the extension of the visual senses. It stills moments of people, objects and structures that otherwise last seconds or even less. A good picture is not a mere image; it reflects emotion, it tells a story in a split second.


I like my photographs to fit a template of diagonals and straights, probably representing strive for rationality and order. The photograph should be enigmatic as well. This reflects the need for individual secrecy within structures.


I was greatly surprised to find out people appreciated my 'stills'. It is very rewarding that some of my work is on display for other people to enjoy.



Dirk Jan van den Berg was born in Hilversum, the Netherlands, in 1953. After his studies in econometrics he embarked upon a career in the Dutch Civil Service. He has held several positions in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


In 2001-2005 he served as the permanent representative to the United Nations in New York and in 2005-2008 as the ambassador in the PR of China.


Since 2008 he is the President of Delft University of Technology.


Dirk Jan van den Berg is married and has two children.


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